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“I have been involved in the INC conference since the very beginning and enjoyed participating in this very unique event each year. The size of the conference and the participation of top executives of the three major regions (namely Europe, Japan and US) makes the people networking and the interaction between the regions very efficient. The presentation of the ongoing and planned programs in nanoelectronics and nanotechnologies gives a clear view of the worldwide trends. The diversity of the technical presentations centered on the nanoelectronics and its applications, the discussion on the related societal implications offer a broad perspective of the coming challenges. And last but not least, the organisation and environment of the conference give plenty of opportunities to organize side visits of renowned organisations.”

- Michel Brillouët (former CEA-LETI executive)

I have participated in setting up the INC conferences, and have consistently contributed to the actions of the organizing committee, even though I have not always been able to attend. I believe that INC is unique in combining an overview of the most advanced nanoelectronics technology with an assessment of the potential impact on other areas of nanotechnology. More in general, INC has connected with the world of applications, maintaining a keen interest in their societal impact. Moreover, INC has been able to involve top-level scientific representatives and policy makers from all over the world on topics of common interest.

- Livio Baldi, External Relations and Funding, Micron Semiconductors, Italia

I consider INC a unique conference; not like one of the so many other research oriented nanotechnology events. It is rather a conference with a strategic, industrial, systems and integration perspective including an assessment of the multi-disciplinary cooperation of nano-electronics with other nanotechnology research areas. The conference also emphasizes the relevance of nanotechnology for addressing major societal challenges in the world. This unique combination of research, technology, related system aspects and relevance for society in one forum and the combined participation of high-level scientist, industrialist and governmental representatives from 3 key regions offers the opportunity to discuss many issues and to tune and benchmark our own European activities and strategies. Including regional overviews and addressing presentations in a more holistic overview manner turned out to be very efficient to grasp trends, see future directions and the opportunities for future cooperation. Europe is putting a lot of emphasis on Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). These KETs include nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, and nanomaterials and for me INC was instrumental in shaping parts of the newly started KETs research and innovation program in Horizon 2020, the European program for research and innovation, and for shining a light on future directions to be followed.

- Dirk Beernaert, Adviser for Interdisciplinary and Integrating Activities, European Commission

"All views expressed herein are entirely of the author, do not reflect the position of the European Institutions or bodies and do not, in any way, engage any of them"

I have been involved in the INC conferences since the first edition in 2005. Europe has been very active in nanotechnology development. On the policy side, after broad consultation, on the 12th of May 2004 the European Commission had adopted the Communication “Towards a European Strategy for Nanotechnology”, bringing nanoscience and nanotechnology to an institutional level and proposing an integrated and responsible strategy. This vision was developed and pursued in the following years via a series of articulated and interconnected actions for the implementation of a safe, integrated and responsible strategy for nanosciences and nanotechnologies. The particular value of the INC conference is its “triple helix” approach in bringing together governmental, industrial and research stakeholders thus giving a valuable impetus, via international cooperation, to accelerating research and innovation and paving the way for a level playing field.

- Renzo Tomellini, Head of Unit “Strategy,” Directorate of Climate Action and Resource Efficiency, DG Research and Innovation, European Commission

"All views expressed herein are entirely of the author, do not reflect the position of the European Institutions or bodies and do not, in any way, engage any of them"

The meaning of INC10

After the October 2003 electronics workshop held at the Intel Farm in Oregon the participants made a decision to move beyond the 100 nm CMOS silicon technology node. They were driven by a long term vision focused on future generations of nanoelectronics processes and products. By 2005 the Nanoelectronics Research Initiative was funded and the International Conference for Coordination and Collaboration (INC) series was established in support of this long-term view. We have aimed at advancing nanoelectronics through visionary ideas and key managerial decisions. Consequently, the invited INC presentations have been focused on foundational topics and overviews of the field given by leading nanotechnology experts and decision makers in research, development, and education programs at national, industry and academic levels from three regions with comparable scientific and collaborative interest- Europe, Japan and the United States. Periodical rotation of the location of conferences in those three regions have brought new participants and contributions each year. Now the entire nanoelectronics world is moving faster beyond CMOS. The global view and leveraging are even more essential. At ten years, technical progress has been tremendous while keeping the Moore’s in sight and the flame of INC expands into new dimensions.

- Mihail C. Roco (Senior Advisor, National Science Foundation; a key architect of the National Nanotechnology Initiative)

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