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Conference Scope


"To foster communication and cooperation on nanotechnology subjects among the organizers, sponsors, and the world scientific community to stimulate and support economic growth in the 21st century."

The 2014 conference took place in at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, Maryland, on May 13-16, 2014.

For the tenth year in a row, global senior researchers, industry leaders and policy makers gathered at the International Nanotechnology Conference on Communication and Cooperation. In 2014, Gaithersburg, Maryland, was the communal ground for in-depth discussions and technical sessions on a variety of issues related to the future of international collaboration in nanotechnologies.

In order to further strengthen the continuous dialogue between Japan, Europe and the United States, broad regional overviews were combined with detailed presentations from each of the regions.

Technical sessions highlighted today's state of affairs and tomorrow's challenges and bottlenecks regarding various related domains in nanoelectronics and explored the links with related areas, such as biotechnology, advanced materials development, microsystems and photonics.

A topical session highlighted the economical and societal implications of nanotechnology. The INC10 conference was undoubtedly one of the key events for policy makers, industry leaders and senior researchers to attend in 2014, in order to stay informed of the developments in major research programs worldwide.


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